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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

   ayumi hamaksaki - still alone

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Name: Sara
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haha last night stayed up watching "the pacifier"..vin deisel [spelling?] was hot. lol. i still have this part stuck in my head....this little girl asks him "why are your boobs so big?" ROFLMAO! hilarious...then she goes " will mine grow to be as big as yours?" HAHA. so weird since hes a muscular and everything. lol. man.....cant stop laughing.

ok well this morning woke up pretty late [12:42] since i spent the night up visiting people who updated....i was watchingmovie so i couldnt visit. teehehe. then went swimming around 3:30. then after dinner we went over to the school to just roam around since there wasnt anything to do at home. *sigh* also made yet another anruto wallpaper. it kinda looks similar to the one i did yesterday. but still take a look. ^_^ click here.

ok for the contest ive decided to have two separate contests.
1. theme contest.....~i will try to get other judges to help me choose the wnners so people wont clain that there is favoritism going on. there will also be two groups of winners. one group for best theme and the other for myO choice awards which are gonna be based on votes.

2. banner/sig contest.....~same as theme contest. there will be other judges and myO choice awards. they must be original and must not be just screenshots put together.

i will have more info hopefully on my next update. i am going to try to get more judges. if your interested in being one please PM me with reason why you think you should be a judge. i am not hard to please so you dont have to overdo it.

LOL. wow. i never knew she was like that......*shifty eyes* id kill for sesshy.............

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