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Sunday, July 17, 2005

   myotaku is dead.

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Name: Sara
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i dunno bout everyone else ut to me myotaku people has been like dead. no one is really active anymore. i need to find a way to actract more people....any ideas? i know...sounds kinda selfish right? i cant help it. deep down everyones like that a little right?dont deny it. lol. i know.....

anyways....instead of me ranting about this lets talk bout my day....ive never swam so much in one day. lol. since today was like the GRAND opening of our house. its actually finally complete in its construction...id show you a pic but i dont wanna show of. xp anyways went swimming 4 times today. haha. yea and my cousin, joan [pronounced joanne] brought over her cute little chihuahua. she named him hersheys cuz he looks like a chocolate bar. ^^ teehehe. i think im gonna get bruises on my arms from my uncle truc pinching my arms so hard. @_@ it hurts to think about it. haha. yea then after swimming all day had dinner...all these people were all glaring at me for no reason....it was so rude. i just wanted to go up to them and go "WHAT YOU LOOKIN AT?! *does head motion*"......=_=x....haha luckily i didnt. ^_^ since they were guest and everything...but still they have no right to do that to me.....i mean cmon.....i live there. psh. haha. ok anyways. i got bored after that so me and a few other cousins [like 15 of theme @_@] went to watch miss congeniality 2. hilarious....and yea...so now im here.....^_^ yea...gotta get back to taking care of the little kids now....=_=x.

aww so cute..yaoi. ^_^

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