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Friday, July 15, 2005

   its cold......

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ok well the poll is now over...since its friday. lol. naruto won by a LARGE percentage so im choosing itachi as my next theme. hope you guys will like it....itll be up around later today....

ok woke up sore again....i think there's something wrong with me T.T so sad. well spent most of the day talking on forums and looking up pics. lol. also spent the day making wallpapers for people....so im like UBER bored right now.......[you do know that im talking about thursday right?] and yea...my sister is out at that premier thingy right now so im all alone. lol. well besides my little brother but he doesnt count...he never talks to me anyways. lol. my brother and aunt got stuck at albertsons.lol. they were walking around so they walked to albertsons [about a mile away from our house] and by the time they got out it was dark out already...lol. so they called my mom to pick them up. lol. when i found out i couldnt stop laughing at them. lol. it was too funny. haha.

well anways....im gonna start on the theme now....ill trey updating again later on....chaos.

awww.....poor kisame. itachi is so cruel...kinda...haha. youd only understand it if you read yaoi fanfics [uchihacest ^_^]. xD


you rock my socks cuddy!!! WOOT!!

o yea...the new theme is up now. xD

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