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Thursday, July 14, 2005

   give it all away..

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well sorry for not making it to some of your sites today. been busy writing this ting for my mom....been procrastinating too much that i didnt even do it. lol. so im doing it today...it was supposed to be done by monday. *scratches head* heh. *smacks myself* ok..lol.

ok well got REALLLY bored last night so i drew yet another fanart. lol. i tried a different drawing style and surprisingly it didnt come out all that bad *nods* thats good. lol. well vote please. comments/feedback will be greatly appreciated. ^_^ click here.

ok well today read a whole bunch of RP's of my favorite characters [i didnt actually RP..just reaad them. theyre REALLY good done by awesome writers....xD] ive found an awesome forum for anime lovers...so if your interested in it here the link. they have seperate fanclubs and all that. its awesome. the people there are awesome too. ^_^

wowsers all day ive been sore from something. i dunno what. *sigh* woke up in pain. lol. sucks. but yea. it hurts like a biatch. heh. ouch. heh. anyways. for those who didnt vote for hte new theme heres the poll again...remember the poll ends on friday, myOtaku time. thanks for those who voted. peace out.....or not. lol.

and the pic of the day!!

retarded naruto face!!! wow. naruto looks sexy. LOL. *snorts*

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