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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

   out of reasons to believe...

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wowsers. yesterday was like the most comments ive gotten in quite awhile. thanks guys. makes me feel happy. _^ to know im not a loner. lol. well anyways got woken up early by my sister cuz she wanted me to go walking around with her. =_=x. it was so damn early too!!! DAMMIT ALL!!!! *sigh* then she made me do like hundreds of jumping jacks and like pushed me into our cold ass pool. *sigh* T.T it seems realyl selfish and greedy to me, since shes only making me do this so she can have a dog. she never condiers how i feel. she never takes the time to see if im upset or not. it makes me mad. *sigh* but i guess id have to deal with it until its 20 pppound soff my body, o yes, update on my weight loss thingymajiggy. ive lost 8 pounds in the last week. not much but yea.

ok now all of a sudden its gotten real hot and stuffy again. T.T man!!! i cant stand it no more!! my sister wont let me turn on the damn AC!!!!!!!! *starts smacking myself and bangs my head on the wall* ARGH!! *wipes blood of my head* well ok. ive already taken two cold showers today. and apparently its not helping very much. *mutters to self 'when is lindsey "olive oil" gonna crank up that weather machine?!'* *faints from heat*

ok since apparently no one ACTUALLY read the bottom of the post yesterday [besides lindsey] here is the damn poll. no one bothered to look WAYY down there [since obviously no one did] so here it is:

ok this morning also tried to rip the seether cd on my dads computer with windows media player and it kept saying unknown album while i rip it on my computer it says seether.....what the hell is going on.....o well. but now i cant listen to it on my ipod. T.T thats sad. lol. o yea and also made a new banner for alex's memorial sites dedicated to terrorist victims. you can see it on my site some where.


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