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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

   if i had the world....

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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Occupation: Lazy person
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LOL. man thats funny. ok...this morning woke up kinda late since i slept late last night cleaning my room......again. haha. ok today i also drew something off the back of my mind. lol. its slight yaoi. nothing graphic of course. lol. go vote and leave comments. ^_^ click here. shanks yall very muchos. ^_^ spet most of the day just trying to delete all the unnecessary programs in my ocmputer but some will not delete. *sigh* jeez. i think my computer hates me. seriously. nd now stupid windows media player keeps telling my i have low memeory. which of course i SO DO NOT! so pissed off. lol. then read a whole bunch more fanfics. boring as usual. today actually kinda went by pretty fast. *shrug* anyways, my sister just got two tickets to go to the premier of "wedding crashers". im trying to convince my sister to bring me but shes hesitating since she says im mean. lol. it doesnt matter. i probly AM mean to her. lol. funny. anyways. instead of babbling about my problems lets have another hilarious comic. well its hilarious to me so your going to have to laugh. xD

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!! *dies from laughing*

o yea and dont forget to visit alex's terrorist victims site here. gonan make some banners for it. please visit it. ^_^

and PLEASE dont forget to vote fot the new theme next week!!! the poll will end on FRIDAY!!!! VOTE NOW!!! THE POLLS ARE WAYYYYY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE!!!!!!!!!

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