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Monday, July 11, 2005

   i want chicken i want liver. meow mix meow mix please deliver. ^^

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*sigh* well today went to the movies with my cousins and brother since my friend cancelled on me. >[ bastard. lol. jk. well anyways, fantastic four was pretty good. funny. the human torch has a real nice body. lol. *nosebleed* hes so funny. jessica alba was hot. lol. bet lordsesshomaru would definitely agree. ;] LOL. yea also went to borders. bought two new books: ouran high school host club and kare first love. kare first love is SOOO good. id definitely recommend it to shojo lovers. ^_^ which i am of course with many others. xp. i also got the new seether cd. its so good. the cover is really awesome too!!!

and then went home. also made another version of my bg on my site. you can find it here. its not all that great tho. but i LOVE the colors. ^_^. and when my mom came home yesterday she told me she signed me up for an art school. im not sure is she actually did [she could be lying......you might never know]. hm....need to ask her about that. lol. well yea heres a funny comic that made me burst my brain. enjoy. xD

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