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Sunday, July 10, 2005

   luke....i am your father....PFT!

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well hm. this morning woke up to my mom yelling through my door for some odd reason. then i screamed "WHAT!!!" and then she said something about me being mean....=_=x. i got really confused. lol. then this morning did pretty well on bowling. mainly got around the 100's. we also got our trophies we won last season but they spelled my name TOTALLY wrong. both first and last name wrong. *sigh* it went from "Sara Truong" to "Sarah Troung". can you tell the difference? lol. yea so i told them to change it back! FEH! lol. im such a spoiled brat. ^^ cant help it. anyways. after than, we played three more games for fun. then i tried to sell some more swimsuits. it seems no one wants any SUPER DISCOUNTED swimsuits. *sigh* theres something wrong with that. lol. we later then went swimming. we were haivng water fights and everything. lol. nad i almost drowned....fun fun. =_=x.

then it leads me to watching tv [which explains my late posting]. i came in like in the middle of the end of samurai champloo so i was like SOO confused...when is bankotsu gonna finally show up in inuyasha?!!! T.T i cant wait any longer.....ARGH!.....s-cry-ed was pretty good too. ^_^

o yea i forgot to thank lordsesshy and lindsey yesterday so im gonna dedicate this post to ya. ^_^ thanks for the comments. u guys rock!! *peace*

SOOO cute. xD

o yea also new theme poll WAYYY at the bottom of the page.go vote now!!!!

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