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Saturday, July 9, 2005


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wowsers....uh. nothing much happened today. no one was really on except for alex. but it was still good i guess. xD i pretty much spent the whole day reading yaoi fics. *sigh* how fun. then later on i found out my mom got into an accident. luckily my mom didnt get hurt. she got rear-ended when a jay walker walked right in front of my moms car while driving. yea so when she came back her neck hurt a little so i gave her a neck massage. ^_^ i hope she liked it. xD then after dinner we went over to my aunts house to hang out and chill for a while. that explains my late update. yea i got so bored and couldnt eat anything since i was restricted from eating anything fattening since my sister wants me to lose weight so we can get doggies. my mom said if i lost a lot of weight we each can get our own dogs. *sigh* this is hard since im like in love with food. >[ but im trying. lol. so later us "cool people" as my cousin likes to call us, went to play DDR. =] then later we came back. lol.

thanks to those who left a comment on my latest fanart. i appreciate it very muchos. lol. especially lindus. your comment cracked me up. thanks a bunch you guys. ^_^

to those sasuke fans out there i think you'll like the pic. teehehe. xD

good night all.

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