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Friday, July 8, 2005


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Name: Sara
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well instead of saying how boring my day was im gonna try something different......*cough* just kidding. well this morning picked up my brother with my sister. then later went swimming with my brother and dad. this time i was alone...GASP. they actually care!!! lol. then later on i submitted another fanart. just finished it last night. after many LONG minutes of trying to draw pants, i gave up and left it unfinised. anyways. here the link. Too Sexy For His Shirt..yes i named it that. look at it and you;ll know why. lol.

yes then right before dinner my mom went to buy ALOT of soda for our party next saturday..not this saturday but next. you know how big those trash buckets are on school canpuses? well my mom boght enough soda to fill the entire thing @_@ i think shes over exaggerating how much people are gonna come. lol. well yea. then right now me and my sister are re-organizing swimsuits...since my mom works at a swimsuit factory [shes the owner of the factory]. my mom brought home a lot so we could sell em for BIG discounts. its even bigger discounts since theyre like brand name ones. we get to keep the money. WOOT!! im making money this summer!!! YAYA!!

ryuho and kazuma from s-cry-ed again. have you noticed that i have alot of these kind of pics of those two? lol. weird.

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