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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

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well sorry for not updating yesterday.. i was stuck at my grandmas place overnight. hope everyone had a good fourth of july. i sure did. i think. lol. well i took all these pics of the fireworks in the sky from my grandmas place but the pics were from my camera so that sucks. lol. but htey were beautiful. also got my favorite pair of capris ripped though. T.T guess where it ripped?? yupp, right on the butt. *sigh* so all night i had to wrap a jacket around my butt. >[ then after me and some people went inside to watch kung fu hustle in canto/mandarin. for some reason both are being spoken in it. lol. weird.

so this morning had to wake up at 6 to be able to make it to my house at 7. i leave for school at 7:20. so anyways, today at school, i finally dropped my two classes since i found out i dont have a D or an F in any of my classes. lol. but we had to walk back and forth about a bajillion times over and over. @_@ it was like our workout of the day. lol. all three of us, [karen. me, and jessica] dropped that class today. yippie! no more geometry for hte rest of the summer. xD. then after school, went to the mall and went to borders. since im poor and everything, i only bought one book. its called happy hustle high. its so funny. id definitely recommend it to the older teens. if your a lil kid i would recommend some they show some "mature themes" in it. for instance.......a condom!!! O_O GASP. lol. then me and my sister cleaned her car again. my dad got sick of us drying up the car so slow so he got this blow drying thingy majiggy and started to blow dry my sisters car. LOL. but my sister got mad cuz it left ALOT of water marks on it. haha. so we had to wipe it down....again. *sigh* but then my dad gave me a new phone!!!!! YEYA!!! i could have mp3'w, videos, and watever media thatll fit into the card. ^_^ woot. its like having my own ipod with a phone!! O_O but when my dad goes to china im gonna have to give it back to him to use. haha. but then its stil mine so HAH! lol. xD

well like i said on monday, im gonna post up the pics i took at universal studios on sunday. ^_^

i hate to show you guys this but yes. thats me. *shudder* rockin the shrek glasses. woot.

k now its my cousin and her dads workers daughter [not related] rockin the same shrek glasses. woot to shrek.

me and my cousin are going to get married in rock vegas. MWAHAHH!!!

the lovely spiderman showing off his muscles. lol. and the weird thing is that he was actually taking pics on those weird spider man positions. he even did the splits for us. tehehe.

us and the mime. it took us FOREVER jsut to get in to get a pic. everyone wouldnt let us through. /:

my two cousins and judy. judys the one in white. your not supposed to sit on the cars from fast and the furious. my cousin did it anyways. rockin the lizard sunglasses. for some reason he decided to be a weirdo and wear it all day thinking hes cool.....hes kinda starnge....

the waterworks show. lots of ecplosions. MWAHAHHAH!!! some of hte actors in it are in tv shows showing about right now. like law&order, summerland, and other shows. cool.

how the grinsh stole christmas. hehe.

part of the set of "war of the worlds" if youve seen the movie already, yea. its the plane. ^_^

well thats pretty much it. xD enjoy.

o yea and hte next theme will be decided shortly. if you would like to suggest a theme leave a comment or just pm me. *goes off to play with cell phone* >.<

ok i just finished this fanfic a while ago....yesterday. and if your ayaoi fan you are SOOO going to cry when you read this fanfic. i mean its just really light yaoi. but oh my god. i really did cry at the end of the fic. if you would like to cry with me heres the link. But Home is Nowhere. its a really sad story. trust me. it still makes me sad whenever i think about it. T.T this is ne ofthe best naruto fanfics ive EVER read. youve got to read it.

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