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Monday, July 4, 2005

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tehehe. sorry for the last post. just came back from stuffing my face with tempura udon...^_^ hehe. well anyways. last night my cousin called me up REALLY late asking whether or not i wanted to go to universal studios with her today...[for some who live in the pacific area its still sunday] and of course, being bored out of my mind, i just HAD to agree. i mean wouldnt you? sure, its not as fun as sixth flags or not even knotts, but its WAY better than staying home right? damn straight im right. lol. well if you're me it is. xD so this morning my cousin picked me up to eat at ihop. then we were off. the thing that totally ruined my day tho was the damn hEAT!!!! T.T why couldnt it be cold and breezy dammit?!! but i didnt let that ruin my day. we went on almost every single ride/show since we bought the front of the line pass...[$100!!! damn!!] so whenever we got into long lines we just zoom past all the other people. MWAAHHAHHHAHHAHHAH!!!! they were all staring....it was so fun. ^_^ but after we came off the ride the damn woman at the picture place wouldnt let me take a damn picture[with my phone] of the pic they took when we came down on a slope on jurassic park.....*glares holes through her head* DAMN YOU!!! and yea. the weird thing was that alot of the shows, it had something to do with fire....its like their new obsession. lol. yea we even went on a tour cuz we ran out of things to do. my cousin spent like the last half an hour just playing carnival games. lol. he won this GINORMOUS cute doggy!!! it was so big that when we were in the car it was like covering my whole body. lol. he kept complaining bout it. well it wasnt my fault he won it. lol. yea then we rested a bit at his house....him and his computer games. lol. then we went out to eat SUSHI!!! his brother also joined us. he made me eat raw fish T.T i told i didnt like it and then hes all like "you wont stop reading manga everywhere we go, you watch anime non-stop, everything with japanese, HOW CAN YOU NOT EAT RAW FISH?!!!!" T.T so he like stuffed raw fish down my throat. *sob* that meanie butt.....it was all super chewy and.....*shudders* i still dont like raw fish. heh. ill try uploading hte pics tomorrow. kinda tired from today..need sleep...didnt get much last night. xD here a pic anyways.

here a pic of miyavi, for those who already know him. i have this other really hot pic of him in my phone but i dont have the cord to transfer it to my comp. T.T but yea. he so totally looks hot here. xD i love jrock boys who look like this or toshiya from dir en grey. ^_^ *drool*

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