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Friday, July 1, 2005


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sorry for not visiting anyone. ive been in a "bleh" mood all day...*sigh* but yea today i finally got the books i needed for class. i was drawing in class and my friends starting modeling for me. LOL. it was hilarious. my friend james was all checking out the guys i was drawing. lol. watta weirdo. lol. then after school went to borders to read while i waited for my sister to get her job applications. i read aquarian age: juvenile orion volumes 3 and 4. i have the first two at home. man i love that manga. i woudl definitely recommend it to all dn angel fans. lots of bishis. ^_^ *squeal* tehehe. lots of bishie hotness. *drool* MWAHHAHAHAH!!!! yea then we went to walmart. lol. looking around for dvds and cds. well my sister was.i didnt have any money. T.T or in mandarin..."wo mei you qian!" T.T so sad. haha. then ive been watching anime since i got back. pretty boring. you know ive been watching beck over and over and i still havent gotten sick of it yet. haha. weird.

on the last episode of beck when they are touring the united states. they were dressed up in frog suits for some reason. lol. ryuusuke isnt in it cuz he "disappeared". lol. more like ran away. haha. but the artwork here isnt that good on purpose so yea. still funny. they look so cute as froggies. ^_^

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