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Thursday, June 30, 2005

   i gots the hiccups. @_@

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wellt oday was just like any normal day in summer school *sigh* luckily i had my cheese crackers to keep me company. ^_^ fun fun....not.wel...on a certin degree yes. but no. xD woke up this morning late....once again. lol. how ive missed sleeping in!!! T.T

well after school i helped my sister clean her car then go swimming for a little bit with her but later she ditched me. -_-x what a great sister huh? lol.

well ive got two more wallpapers. one of roy from fulllmetal alchemist and sesshoumaru. the sesshomaru took me quite along time. @_@ o well. i had nothing else to do. lol. o yea.....i forgot to do my homework. haha. off i go to do my homework.....im such a procrastinator. *sigh* thats wat got me into sumemr school. T.T

LOL. poor cloud. xD

o yea....i may have a new theme soon. since there isnt anything to do at home anyways. xD hm....i need a good idea for a theme. something i havent done yet......any ideas??

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