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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

   falling down witrhout a parachute

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well this morning woke up with two faces in front of my face. i woke up ten minutes before school started. T.T jeez i was so stupid last night that i forgot to turn on my damn alarn! >O grr. i think it was cuz me and my cousin were fihting on my bed. haha. she started slapping me so i slapped her back and it turned into an all-out war. LOL. it was crazy. she stayed over at my place since our parents were gambling and didnt stop till super late. i guess her mom tought she was asleep and left her at my house. she was all happy and everything. lol. its funny.

anyways, today was my first day in summer school. at frist they put me in the wrong class. they put me into an ELD english class. lol. so i was late to the class i was trasfered too. *sigh* that was boring. lol. then for math it was SOOO damn long. it was like 3 hours. we had so many breaks [since we had so much class time] that we finished all the work and had like an hour of break. crazy. lol. so after my sister picked me up from school i went swimming by my lonesome....again. i think thats how its gonna be from now on. *sigh* poor me. LOL. well yea...once again. the highlight of my day......nothing. =_=x just great huh? well anyways. yaoi pic next!!! YAYA!!! its kazuma and ryuho from s-cry-ed again. theyre such a cute couple. xDDD

o yes and im finally starting on my wallpapers again. i kinda stopped for a LONG time. been too lazy and everything. lol. so i forced myself and wallah! here it is. download it here. leave some comments please. ^_^

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