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Sunday, June 26, 2005

   im back!!!

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yaya. im finally back from hawaii!!! the only thing i didnt like was the damn weather. some of you guys already know i love cold and not warm weather.....well the weather was SOOOOOOO HUMID!!!! @_@ i wanted to die in the heat. haha. got back yesterday morning around 6. man it was so damn hard sleeping in the plane. no space at all. i hate sitting in economy seats. *sigh* anyways. today came back and got ready to go out for brunch. after that we went to the supermarket. i didnt go cuz i fell asleep in the car. haha. since thats pretty much all i did all day im gonna show you guys some pics from snorkling in hawaii. ^_^ fun fun!!

my dads coke.....LOL.

my aunt kairey scuba diving right below me. ^_^

the person that scuba dived under to take the pics helped me take this one. ^_^ it was so awesome.

the whale we saw after we were done snorkling. xD

this i took myself when the turtles were surfacing and we couldnt touch them so i went under them. lol. it was scary. T.T they made me do it!!!

haha. my uncle truc. he didnt get to see any turtles. =[ lol.

uncle truc tried to attack me.....but i was all like look!!!! *points at the ship*...he fell for it. LOL.

my mom and dad. ^_^

parents and aunts bf, allan. theyre kinda strange at times....*shifty eyes* HAHAHHAA.

taylor and dylan. two of my BAJILLION cousins. haha. arent they so CUTE?!!

my ipod obsessed cousin. shes "special".....literally.....lol.

about a third of our family that came onto the boat. lol. trust me this isnt even close to a fraction of my family.LMAO. seriosuly tho. haha.

o yea i made another banner for myself. LOL.

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