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Sunday, June 19, 2005

   on my way to freedom!!!

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YEs!!! only hours away from my departure to HAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYA!!!!!!!! im gonna miss all of yall funny ass people. it was awesome having met you guys. lol. man i sound like im not coming back. lol. well ill be back in about a week. or just friday. lol. its for my aunts wedding. im so excited. im gonna stay up the whole night!! so im gonna feed myself as much sugar and caffeine as possible. >] yar har har.

today woke to go bowling. wasnt very good tho. lol. o well. then went home to start packing for tomorrow. after that around 4 my dad brought us to the mall to go for some last minute SHOPPPING!!!!!!! hell yes. i finally got the shirt ive been wanting for like EVER!! i finally got my "senses fail" shirt!!! *squeal* man i love myself. LOL. im jp. haha. i need summer clothes. havent prepared yet. haha. then came home and did nothing. yea. thats pretty much it. not vdry eventful.....yet. haha. well good nite to some and see yall laters....which means pretty much friday. haha. nad heres my last pic of hte day for a while. its so cute i swear!!!!

AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! so cute. once again another fanart by azelyn at DA. you can also find her on sheezy art. enjoy. LOVE AND PEACE!!!!!!!!!

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