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Saturday, June 18, 2005

   i love fox boys!!

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well today was funn. woke up pretty early considering what time i slept. lol. so around 11 i walked to the mall with my friend henry to watch movies. we saw batman begins and mr and mrs smith. batman was pretty long. it was actually better than i expected it to be. lol. too bad there were no hot guys. katie holmes is probly the only good looking person there. lol. and my other friend shari starting screaming when bats popped up. lol. the people sitting in front of us wouldnt stop looking at us she was all threatening to throw somethingat them if they looked at us again. lol. luckily they didnt or they probly woudve got hit with an ipod or something. LOL. yea then in the middle of the movie she started meowing. LMAO. and she started saying in mandarin how they old guys were ugly. LOL. fun. then we went to borders to read a little before the mr and mrs smith started since it was about an hour later. mr and mrs smith is so funny. im glad i watched it. LOL. so hilarious. man angelina jolie was so hot. im jealous. haha. then after we started walking around the mall with other people we managed to find. ^_^ o yea. we had glowsticks but we didnt do anything with em. >[ we were supposed to crack them during batman but we got too into the movie and forgot. *sigh* so now i have an unused glow stick. *shrug*

Pic of the Day

this explains my title. i totally love fox boys. ^_^ theyre always so hott. ^_^ yea i love this pic. its drawn by azelyn from DA. xD enjoy. hope you guys like the new theme. shikamaru rocks.

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