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Friday, June 17, 2005

   polls over.

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well the poll is officially over. and naruto wins once again. ill try having the new theme up by later today. hopefully. my moms trying to push me into jump-roping with her. lol. shes a lil hyper right now. lol.

ok this morning had a whole bunch of books to turn in so my arm was SORE from carrying them, all over the school. for english we watched this boring movie called "bowling for colunbine"..even though the subject was important the movie was just boring. lol. its about gun owners and the shooting of columbine high school. it was sad watching the shooting part. *sigh* then i found out i got a pretty good grade on my essay i did a while back. phew. thats good. ^_^ then in mandarin we had a final. it wasnt that hard but i got stumped on smoe questions....like wat does "changchang" mean?? i totally forgot. lol. then we had the rest of the period to do anything we wanted. next door they were karaoke. LOL. they were horrible. lots of people were covering their ears in our class. haha. silly people. but they really were terrible tho. lol. and my friend nelson was getting high on my sharpies. LOL. wat a weirdo. *shakes head*

sorry i havent been to your sites lately...finals. *sigh* well now that school has OFFICIALLY ended i can visit as much as i want now!! MWAHAHHAHA!!! FEAR ME!!......*cough* well anyways.......see ya.

Pic of the Day

*drool* yet another hot pic of kakashi. my oh my. hes one hot tamale. lol. i luv him. ^_^ hes next in line after sessh. *drools some more* i mean....hjow can you NOT love him.....jsut look at those rock-hard-waiting-for-me-to-touch-them abs..........girls.....you cant honestly say hes not hott and you know it. xP

ok the new theme is up. hope you guys dont mind that its shikamaru. ^_^ hes awesome. xD felt like i should do a shika theme since you dont see alot of him around. its mostly gaara, sasuke, kakashi, and naruto that ive been seeing so i thought itd be different. ^_^ hope yall like it. :P

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