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Thursday, June 16, 2005


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GRR!! my freakin pencil is gone!!! AHHH!!!! i cant find that damn piece of crap!!!! T.T ive searched my damn desk like three times. i even looked under every single damn piece of paper!!! ARGH!! @#^%!!! *breathes* those were my only pencil and eraser i have. T.T

well there is officially four hours and 15 mintes of school left!!! YAY!!! today [wednesday] was also a minimun day ^_^ tomorrows gonna be one too. WOOT! today had my math final. it was pretty hard but luckily it doesnt count against my grade. its for extra credit. WEE!!! so im good. xD then for PE we ran the damn mile. *sigh* i got such a bad time. o well. it wont count against my grade since im pretty sure i did good on our health final. ^_^ then later watched like half of ocean's twelve cuz i literaly fell asleep during hte movie. LOL. then watched like two episodes of orphen but i got too tired and fell asleep on the couch. lol. then had dinner and watched gundam seed destiny. its so sad. i hate shinn. tht jerk of a whore....that so did not make sense. LOL.

today will be the last day for voting so if you havent voted. you better vote now!!! cuz i said so!!!! xD

Pic of the Day

hehe i like reno's hair. hes so cool. the bald guy reminds me of the rock. LOL. i dunno. it does to me. xD haha.

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