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Monday, June 13, 2005

   DDR rocks my socks!

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well today was MUCH better than yesterday for sure. this morning woke up to my bed shaking. we had an earthquake. it scared the shit outta me. @_@ i mean how would you feel waking up to a shaking bed. lol. then later went to eat brunch with a whole buncha people. then around noon we went to the mall to try to find a dress for me when we go to hawaii on the 19th. but to no luck. all the places we went to had bad clothing so we just ended up looking at eerything for my mom. lol. there were lots of sales. haha. then around 5 i went ping pong training with my cousins. shes a crzy woman i swear. shes like on steroids. its scary. she hit the hardest balls ever. even her coah is afraid of her smashes. LMAO. its funny..but VERY painful. haha. later my uncles came over for dinner at my house. ^_^ i have too many uncles and aunts. i dont even remember half of their names. LOL. wopps. :P

ok the polls for the new theme is on yesterdays post so if you havent voted yet, vote now before it ends. remember, if there is a tie, it is automatically canceled out and will not count in the end so try not to make it a tie....not that you'll know until after you vote. haha.

Pic of the Day

WARNING: YAOI ALERT. so if you dont like it. get away. ^_^ yar har har.

aww. this pic is a fanart from the anime, s-cry-ed. its kazuma and ryuho. those two make such a cute couple. theyre so cute. :P

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