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Sunday, June 12, 2005


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Name: Sara
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well today woke up refreshed for once. xDD yahoo!!! also rewatched beck....AGAIN!! hehe. cant get over it. cant believe theres so less episodes. *sigh* o well. my dad fukin lied to me. hes always doing this to me. hate him. he always says he'll bring us somewhere but he drinks anyways even though he knows that he said we were gonna go. so then he drinks so much that he cant drive anymore. that assholes always doing this to us. i swear. im never gonna trust him again. i cant even trust him to pick me up from school cuz i know hes not even gonna come and make me wait there for over an hour. that damn bastard. always ruin my day. sometimes i just wished he wasnt my dad. he only thinks hes a good dad cuz he buys us stuff. makes me feel like ive never even known him my whole life. i cant stand to talk about him anymore. itll just makes me feel more depressed. *sigh*

today my mom made us do the damn garden even thought the gardener was right there in our faces. i hate how shes like that. it angers me to the third degree. HMPH!

spent the whole day just kinda moping around in the house. *sigh* not a good day today. *sigh* anyways. thats enough complaining outta me. lol.

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Pic of the Day

this is ryuusuke and eiji from beck. eiji and ryuu used to be in the same band but split up since theyre personlaities did not mix. so they split saying theyll make the best band out there which led to the coming together of beck/mongolian chop squad. yea. its cool. eiji is cool. i like his chocker. haha. ryuu's shirt is cute too. haha.

well its finally time for a new theme. and this time you guys get to vote. yar har har. the polls will be up until next friday...or saturday for most of you. then ill post up the theme as soon as voting ends.

and because SKF's contest is over ive reverted the blog area back to its old self so its easier for me to post things up. and im sure its easier to read right? lol. well enjoy it while it lasts...or not. haha.

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