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Saturday, June 11, 2005

   yoinky doink.

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well today we finally got our yearbooks. its so damn heavy. @.@ i didnt know we had that many people in our school. lol. and OMG. the damn sports section is like more than half of the chunky thing. hehe. me and my friend bonnie went to get ours early cuz we have the asb card. if you have it you get it earlier than everyone else. YAYA! haha. we got out of school early too!!! HELL YES!! so instead of 2:45, i got out at 2:25. weee!!!

im starting to have this weird obsession now. now im starting to think jrocker guys and guitarists are SOOOOO HOTT!!!! lol. its all becks fault. lol. its weird. the bands american name in the anime was called the "mongolian choip squad" lol. o and most of hte music in the anime [like 90% of the music] is totally original. haha. at the opening song they show the band lip singing to the song. the songs really happy sounding but still rock. i think its called. "hit in the USA" by Beat Crusaders. and i also like the ending song "my world down" by meister. its pretty good. i think its sung in english. yar har har.

Pic of the Day

*drool* yea this is from beck manga. its Taira!!! does he not look hot or wat?!!!! O_O *bloodynose* hehe. ive been staring at this pic for quite a long time now. *smirk* *drool*

ok well since i decided taira didnt look as good as he does in the anime ill post up another pic of him...well only his face. lol.

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