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Thursday, June 9, 2005


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Name: Sara
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man im So tired. last nigt didnt even sleep till 5 in the morning. @.@ i hate projects but i actually mangaed to finish. im so proud of myself. and then in art today i found out that i have a 104%. HELL YES!!! MWAHHAHAHAH! this other person has a 105%. im jealous. lol. even though our grade is pretty close. ^^. hehe.

ok first period coundnt keep my eyes open. i literally coudnt keep it open. lol. i had to like slap myself awake so i wouldnt get in trouble. lol. nothing really happened today so im just gonna like stop talking now. haha. how boring. T.T

Pic of the Day

lol. chibi sephiroth. ^.^ so cute. *glomp*

p.s. thanks for the comments on my fanart. :p i appreciate it. xD

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