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Tuesday, June 7, 2005


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yay. i got 3 dvds today. first i got dodgeball, then white chicks, then volume 1 of soul hunter. i dunno if soul huniter is new or not but it looked interesting when i got there. ^^. hehe. anwyays...

today had this weird schedule where we had third period for 94 minutes. @_@ but it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. ^^ in art my friend kept on threatening me with glue. *sigh* such a strange one. LOL. after school went with my sister to albertson then we went to buy some dvds. went home and tried to work on my to kill a mockingbird project. it might be a good book but its so boring to read. T_T im driviing myself nuts trying to read this damn book. T.T

and now my damn cousin and brother wont stop bugging me to watch my dvs. jeez. they need some spanking. kick thier butts. HMPH! overall a normal day. not much happened. *shrug* boring. tho probly not as boring as katocools. LOl.

Pic of the Day

haha!! this ifs from gravitation. yaoi. ^^ shuichi and yuki are SOOO cute together. lol. yuki is so damn hot. im jealous of shuichi. T_T dammit.

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