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Monday, June 6, 2005

   been slightly busy. @_@

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sorry for not updating yesterday. its a long story. so todays post might be a little long. haha. anyways....

saturday morning went to the dentist. luckily nothings wrong with my teeth. just a little cleaning. my brother has a cavity. HAHAHAHA!! ok thats kinda mean but still. its funny...to me it is. lol. after dentist went with my mom to my other cousins birthday party. they have the cutest lil doggy ever. his name is hershey. lol. then after that went to another party. except this party was for only ping pong players. lol. yea i used to play ping pong. we went swimming in their pool too. then after we ate at their house they had a ping ppong tournament. winner wins 30 bucks. thats alot. lol. but yea people were playing some crazy ping pong. their SO good. im jealous. lol. that lasted a LONG time so we didnt even leave till like 11pm. it was cool tho. yea. slept over at my cousins house cuz she begged my mom to let me. lol.

sunday woke up super late since me and my cousin talked the whole night and didnt even sleep till like 1:30. hehe. then we watched scary movie 3. that movie is stupidly hilarious. ROFLMAO. expecially the matrix and michael jackson part. haha. and then we ordered some pizza and watched spider man 2. we didnt get to finish the movie cua my mom wanted me home so yea. im home now. ^^

my parents are currently gambling with their friends. since its still sunday and all. haha. im so bored now. T_T there is officially 2 more weeks of school for me. YAY!!! wish time would go by faster tho. T_T i mean some of you guy were already out a while ago. im SOOOO jealous. *sigh*

Pic of the Day

aww ok this is another from the anime s-cry-ed. the guy in the green hairs is ryuho and the cat-like guy is kazuma. lol. theyre so cute here. haha.

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