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Friday, June 3, 2005

   somewhere over the rainbow...

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well letsee. nothing much happened today. played football and almost killed someone. lol. i was running the opposite way of this really tiny girl and WAM. i totally knocked her over. LOL. it was kinda freaky tho. i thought i killed her. luckily she was ok. just still dizzy after class. lol.

then took a geometry test which was pretty hard for me since we had to memorize all the formulas. there was like ten of them. *sigh* i hope i did ok in the test. T_T yea then after school came home and watched some anime. man the anime "speed grapher" is getting realyl bloody. like WAY too nasty. like theres this guy who was killing a girl dentist style. with all those tools and everything. *shudder* ive always hated dentist. T_T scared the crap outta me. and i got a doctors appointment on saturday too. O_O scary! anyways.....on with the pic.

Pic of the Day

its roy! this is the only pic i have of roy that i think is awesomely hot. lol. *drool* ive never seen him show off his abs. lol. i like very mucho. lol. enjoy! ^_^

sorry for short posts lately. it hasnt been that interesting lately. katocool has the most exciting life ever. im so jealous. LOL.

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