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Thursday, June 2, 2005

   senses fail - bloody romance [awesome song]

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sorry fo rhte late update. my dan computer froze on me and wouldnt work. -____- im gonna hurt it. lol. well anways.....im VERY tired since i didnt sleep till 4 am this morning. T_T my bug bites wouldnt stop itchy so i stayed up all night trying to resist the urge to scratch. >[ then in math tpday i fell sleep in the middle of class. lol. wopps. it wasnt completely my fault tho. everyone in that class sleeps anyways. lol. the teacher was spending like FOREVER on the same problem. >[ so theres my excuse. lol. then after school my sisters damn bf lightly kicked my backpack form the back cuz i was walking too slow to the car. LOL. its not my fault T_T

i also FINALLY got my new cell fone. ive been waiting like FOREVER to get it. my mom didnt wanna get me one since she thought i didnt need one. i mean how can a teen survive high school without a cell phone?!!! well she finally got the idea and go tme one. YAY! lol.

Pic Of The Day

i thought this pic is super cute. it might be considered yaoi though. im not sure. just a little boy love. ^^

such boring day. how was yours? LOL.

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