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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

   oh - ciara

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Name: Sara
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this morning woke up extra early since my dad woke me up for lunch money @_@ so tired. this morning when my sister was driving to school this dog jsut ran in front of our car and OMG it was scary. luckily we braked in time or else that dog wouldve been roadkill. :[ lol. i think that was the inly thing interesting happening to me today. lol. then when my mom came home early today me and my cousin washed her car and i washed the inside of her ccar. lol. my mom was all wetting us with the hose on purpose. haha. then after dinner we went over to the elementary schools tennis courts to play some tennis [im not very good]. then came back and saw this really funny chinese movie that was al so REALLY cute. ^^ the little boy called his dad a chinese superman. haha. surprisingly the chinese people spoke really good english since the movie had them speaking some eglish and chinese. overall id say a very good movie about how family alwasy comes first. haha. yea. today was SUPER boring. nothing happens. >[ i have to amuse myself. *sigh* i dont get amused very easily. T_T

and right now theres a moth about to attack me!! its circling the light above my head and i swear its about to kill me!!!! ACK! its GINORMOUS too!!! jeez. it attacked me last night too. T_T it tried to kill me!! *screams troughout the house*

Pic Of The Day

*drool* lol. the first thing i saw in this pic was his fabulous abs. hot damn. xDD

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