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Monday, May 30, 2005

   audioslave - like a rock.

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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well today were having a BBQ once again. i swear my parents LOVE BBQ's. its like their thing. lol. this morning woke up sick. T_T i havent been sick in over two years and all the sudden im sick. my damn cousin spread it onto me. T_T he was all oughing in my face all day yesterday and everything. its still sunday for me so yea. *sniff sniff* damn him!!!! my sister is also sick. *sigh* we're all pretty much sick.

ok spent the whole morning cutting strawberrys for my mom since she was gonna make some alchoholic drinks with them. my hands STILL smell like strawberrys. lol. then went to supermarket with my sister to buy 20 pounds of chicken wings. my sister made me hold 20 ppounds of chicken dammit. it cut off my circulation SO badly. T_T but then she bought me a drink so its all good. lol. then we went over to 99cent store to buy plastic wine cups. after we ate lunch me and my cousin [the one that got me sick] jumped into our pool. today was a pretty cold day so the water was like COLD. but i loved it so its cool. lol. the adults were all saying i did the biggest canonball ever. that was not true. they just think theyre funny. wats with old people and thinking theyre funny? *sigh*

i wish i lived in my pool house. its very nice. i LOVE the shower. its HUGE. man....*daydreams bout shower* anyways. after that my other cousin [a have like a bajillion of em] came over and we talked bout some music and stuff. so yea. right now i can hear my parents and the old people practically screaming into the microphone from the karaoke machine. *sigh* wats with asian people and kakaraoke?? well at least the asian people i know are like OBSESSIVE with karaoke. o_O strange people.

vote for me for SKF's layout/theme contest. ^^

Pic OF The Day

i dont ever remember having this pic on my comp but i just thought that the guy looked absolutely lickable. lol. ^^

new wallpaper. this wallpaper of sephiroth. kinda plain but i still like it. enjoy. ^^

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