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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

   love makes the world go round

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<-- well thats not realyl how i feel but i thought it was funny. ^^ *sigh* well todays been boring yet tiresome. woke up late once again. i cant seem to wake up in the morning anymore. >[ thats bad. lol.

well today for football i was made quarter back and managed to make a touchdown in the little time we had since the other team had the ball and took FOREVER. jeez. lol. then in english these girls sitting next to me got in trouble cuz they kept on listening to their ipods and eating in class. LOL. funny. kinda. to me it is. haha.

i think my mandarin sub hates me. he got me into trouble just cuz me and my friend were talking. jeez. i mean we had more than half an hour free since we had very little work he gave me. >[ that old geezer. he all trying to sound nice nad everything. makes me sick to my stomach. HMPH!

then in math this jerk wouldnt stop bothering us trying to get us to lend him our calculators when we needed them ourselves. then he wouldnt stop saying hes so smart that he didnt need a calculator when hes asking us if he could use our....watta jerk. wanted to yell at him so badly. he even has the nerve to say that i dont deserve my calculator. i swear if i could i wouldve kick his ass right there. o_O

pic of the day
ok this pic got me laughing right away. it looks like they are fighting over a bottle of water. lol. its from gravitation....i think. i forgot. LOl. water fight!!!........in a different way. ^^

haha. enjoy. good nite yall. ^^

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