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Sunday, May 22, 2005

   never say goodbye-jojo [its stuck in my head]

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well yes. late update. tahts cuz i just watched the first inuyasha movie dubbed on adultswim at 9 [i have direct tv so its 3 hours erlier] the weird thing is that the english voices dont really match the characters as much as they used to. *sigh* maybe its cuz i saw the original subbed version with the originaljap voices so im not used to it. *shrug* then i stayed up a little longer for samurai champloo at 11:30 since i missed it at 8:30. its four minutes since it ended. jin is so cool. lol. hes my fav already. the silent mysterious cool strong guy always turns me on so yes. maybe thats why i have this obsession with sesshy. LOL. lindsey knows wat im talking bout. ^^ i stuffed him in my closet too. MWAHAHAH! hes all MINE!! you cant take him back.......cuz you have yuki. HMPH. haha

well today was extremely boring and HOT! omg i think if it gets any hatter id suffocate in my own house. jeez. wats up with the weather. we have the AC on but i cant feel it since hte heat is SO strong. >[ i could be sitting still for hours and start sweating like i ran 50 miles. T_T anyone wanna move to alaska with me? LOL. im still sweating right now. >[ wat the hell?! *dies on the floor*

today we totally PWNED the other team in bowling. sukas. LOL. today i was atually doing good.....until the third game. LOl. i sucked at the third game. we barely won the third game. haha. its ok. we won 4-0. yaya. then watched my aunts dress up my sister for her prom today. she looked SO pretty. ^^ i LOVED her hiar. its SSOOOOOO pretty. *is jealous* then her bf came over and waited. they looked So cute together. ^^ then they left aometime int he afternoon. i dunno why they had to leave so early but yea. i tried to get a picture of them together but i couldnt find my damn camera!!! its gone missing T_T DAMMIT!

pic of the day
haha well today is gonna be another comic but this time by red-priest-usada. very funyn to me. might be a lil unappropriate to some but i thought this was hilarious so dont be commenting me bout how imoral that was. jeez. people these days. >[

haha. the girl is supposed to by usada. she wants to rape gaara just like how i want to rape sesshy and how lindsey wants to........nvm. i shouldnt say. LOl.

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