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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

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wows. It's good to be back. My AX weekend was freakin awesome. My best AX trip so far. SO I guess I'll just dedicate this post to my AX weekend stuff. :] I'll try not to drag it on too long.

THURSDAY: K the night before my friend, priscilla, slept over at my place since I was her ride there all four days. Woke up freakin early and dragged ourselves out of bed expecting a LONG line at AX. got something to eat and then picked up my cousin. Had a nice drive to LA. Didn't take us anymore than 20 minutes to get there since we live in the LA county area. Parking was overpriced just like everything in the convention center. When we got in, I was so surprised to see that the line was so puny....there was NO LINE. I was so amazed. I like their system this year so much better than last year. It was terrible last year. This year it literally took us 30 seconds to get in a out...for pre-reg people only though. so we then headed towards the exhibit hall on the other side of the convention center =.= but it didn't open until noon. It was like 8:30 when we got there. AISHHHHH. So we started looking around. found the arcade. Took some pics with some cosplayers. First day wasn't too exciting. No interesting panels or animes to watch. then we found the console gaming room. There was so many people surrounding the brawl station it was ridiculous. seriously. played some guitar hero, fell asleep in the middle of the hallway. then went to the dance with priscilla and my cousin. Dance was freakin BOMB.

FRIDAY: woke up a little later this time. Then went to pick up my cousin and her friend. drove there. Took lots of pics and explored the exibit hall some more. Everything is so damn expensive I swear. restrained myself from buying everything I liked. Around 4 we went to line up for tickets for AX Idol. It started at 8 but to get good seats at the theatre, we had to line up at 4. =.= yeah. In line we played cards and slept a little. We then met some pretty cool people lining up behind us. We then decided to have a mario kart party! so a whole bunch of us were battling it out in mario kart. I OWN3D everyone. seriously. I was too crazy for them. ahah. there was also this one stranger that entered into our game but we had no idea who the hell they were. They didn't show their face. lol. Oh wells. So we got into the theater after getting lost a little. AX Idol this year was so freakin good. Especially the voice actors. man...this year was bomb diggity. so after that, we just kind of chilled and then went to get some food.

SATURDAY. woke up late. wasn't able to get good parking so i had to go to the parking lot super far away. I kind of forgot what we did that day. I think we went into to karaoke room for a little bit then headed to the exhibit hall....again. Found priscilla and then explored a little. all the interesting panels or events were totally packed so we just kind of walked back and forth into the console rooms and stuff. Later we headed to the dance. Man...there was so much people there on saturday. It was so fun though. THey were throwing out free stuff. I was too short to reach for anything. :[ so sad. I almost had things in my hand but the freakin tall people behind me would hover over me and take it from my hands. T.T WHY?! They were throwing out raver beads too. :[ I wanted one so badly. [goes into emo corner] so after that, I was so freakin sweaty. met up with some people and hung out in the arcade for like ten minutes. Went into the karaoke room and signed up for a contest but i wasn't able to participate because by the time it would have been my turn, the time would be too late. I left at like 12:30. :[ So sad.

SUNDAY: woke up and man oh man did my feet hurt. jumped around and danced for three hours straight. =.= My calves were dying on me. lol. and not having PE for over two years didn't really help me either. haha. so yeah. got there early enough to park in the regular parking lot that was closer. ate some food, met up with some of the new people we met on friday, then headed to the exhibit hall. A lot of booths weren't really having discounts. Quite disappointing. But I got some of the stuff I was really wanting. Like this tote bad. OMG. It was SOOOO cute. I even helped buy my brother a real sword. They actually checked ID. I was surprised. I wanted to get myself this REALLY sharp looking blade but nah. Don't waste my moolah. then we strayed to the origami room. I really wanted to learn to make something but I ended up teaching some kids how to make a crane and ball and other stuff. Then we headed to the exhibit hall for the last time. Waited for priscilla to come back to me. :D Then for like an hour [since everything was closed by then] we just chilled in the halls playing cards and taking random pictures of us being retarded. >.< It was fun. THen we all went home.

Oh my gosh. This post is sooo long. SO SORRY T.T I would totally understand if you skipped it all. lol. I would...

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