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Saturday, June 21, 2008

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Hey guys. Sorry for not updating in a bit. I was kind of busy being a house bum. :] lol. Ok so let's get caught up. Graduation was BOMB DIGGITY. I'm so glad they decided to start our graduation later this year because the past years, there have been heat strokes and fainting spells. And of course, every year its getting hotter and hotter. I took a short nap right before leaving but woke up half an hour late so I was almost late to my own graduation. haha. But the nap was really nice. I really needed it. So I arrive and switched onto heels and start walking to the graduates area and I see people wearing flip flops and casual shoes! I was like 'WTF I thought we had to wear formal shoes?! EFF MY LIFE!!!' So I walked in painful shoes and kicked up dirt when I coud've kept on the flip flops I wore arriving to the parking lot! WTF MAN!! I even spotted some people wearing jeans under their gowns. Seriously...If you're not going to wear a dress and least don't make it so obvious that you're NOT wearing formal clothes. I wore a tank and capris under my gown. haha. lovely. The graduation ceremony wasn't that bad. A little boring at the beginning but yeah. It took SOOOO long for all of us to get seated...I mean we DID have 932 seniors. :D

After graduation my family and I went to Souplantation for dinner then I headed out for Grad Night. :D Grad night was awesome possum. Loved it. I really wanted them to have a karaoke station like previous years but they didn't have it this year. darn. BUT they did have unlimited IN-N-OUT and unlimited BOBA. [drools] I love the bobas. kehehe. I wanted to get hair extensions but yeah. I didn't want to take care of them. lol.

After they kicked us out of there at 5AM, our group headed out to the top of the mountain. Where I live, it only takes about 5 minutes to get up there so yeah. We watched the sunrise with a bunch of other people who had the same idea we did. hah. then I crashed at munky's place and died for like ten hours. It was fun.

and that's the end of that. I'm officially a freshmen again. :D Joy. I'm also looking forward to AX in just a couple of weeks from now. Hoping to see some of you guys there. Let me know if any of you guys are going. We should meet up, yeah? Munky will be there with me too.[for those who still remembers who she is...I mean it's been like FOREVER since she's been on.] So yeah. I'll be there all four days. I MIGHT rent a hotal room with a bunch of people but I'm not sure yet. I mean I live in LA so its like really no point, huh? haha.

and I'm also looking forward to my trip to Japan!!! Can't wait. I'll be leaving July 27th through August 9th. I think I'll be arriving back on the 10th. Not sure yet. I'll try to update while I'm in Japan :D If they allow me to, of course. I'm pretty sure I can, since they have internet cafe's....i think. We'll see. :]

So that's all for now. :]

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