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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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wows. It's been a while...sorry about that. I've been having major troubles with my comp and yeah. It's so stressful at times. So I'll just make this a quick update. I'll try not to write too much. :D

K so Prom. It worked itself out. I found the cutest shoes [not exactly comfortable to dance in] in the world to match my dress. I made sure they weren't like 5 inches high. My dress was done last minute but it still turned out great. It was done the night before. haha. so Prom turned out good but it wasn't amazing. I really wanted it to be amazing but it wasn't. It definitely wasn't bad but it wasn't great. :\ But its ok. Slept over at a friends house and then went to the movies the next day. overall a good prom weekend. :]

school is still a bitch. Been working on a song project for my mandarin class. It's seriously more stressful than it really needs to be. I hate that class. But we managed to get things going. It's still in progress at the moment. My friend is currently editing it as I speak [at least I hope so]. We filmed yesterday and yeah. my other friend bitches so damn much. It's pretty annoying at times. But we hope to get this done tonight and then present it tomorrow during class.

I got my comp fixed but it still has problems. It won't let me log on so I'm waiting for my cousin to come over to help fix it again. Hopefully it'll be the last time. I'm so sick of having a comp but not able to use it. It makes me freakin sad. :[

I'll try to update more often. I just haven't found the time to update. But once the summer comes, I'll be on a lot more. That's a promise. :]

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