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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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Name: Sara
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Tuesday. I am SOO tired, I'm about to fall asleep typing this damn thing. hah. Last night my sister kept talking to me when I was trying to sleep. It was pretty late already and I already barely wake up on time for school, so having her keep me up isn't helping me get more sleep. Just because she had no school because she having finals. [sigh] I think someone is cursing me. =.=

so last night I just barely finished my essay that was already due. hopefully she won't deduct too many points. I think I have a low C in that class. I swear, this class is the most bullshit class ever. We do so much but learn nothing.

k so today I was almost late because I couldn't get up. No thanks to my sister who was sound asleep on her bed. I just wanted to like jump on her just to piss her off in the morning. haha. but she would mess with my shit when I'm at school. Don't want that happening.

I'm starting on my t-shirt project so I'm going to have my own shirt soon. XD YAY! I still need to work on my mural but a due date is coming up at the end of the week, so I need to finish up the little paintings I'm currently doing.

yeah. that was it. after school went over to my cousins house to watch the previous episodes of Beauty and the geek. then went home and worked a little on photoshop for a sotw on another forum. then watched a rerun of the victoria's secret fashion show on tv then took a shower. I'm tired. i think I'm gonna sleep now. need to catch up.

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