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Sunday, December 9, 2007

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Name: Sara
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well glad to be back. :] special shout out to my Gabbilicious Gabster♥ I've missed you much my dearest. haha. It seems like its been forever since I've visited this place. I'M BACK! anyway, I think lately I've been an attention whore. I don't know why but I've been feeling really lonely lately. It kind of feels like I have no friends. No one wants to hang out with me or invite me places to chill or anything. I think it's just me. But yeah. very emo lately. It makes me sad, :[

WEll last night was possibly the most boring day of my life just sitting here and doing absolutely nothing. It's kind of sad sometimes. [sigh] but today was a little more eventful. Woke up with a hurting back. I think it was because I was sleeping on a huge pile of pillows. >.O so yeah. I only made it past one game without breaking my back. So I uit for the other two games. It was nice getting to know my other team members though. It was fun. :] At the end we ended up trying to figure out word puzzles/tricks. They were pretty damn hard.

so after I went home and visited for like an hour. Then my sister and I arrived at my mom's factory. My sister was there to help my mom with office work. I was only there because I always go to this one salon place a couple of blocks away from the factory. So after I dropped my sister off, I made my way to the salon to get the haircut I told myself I would get months and months ago. Well, I finally got it. I don't have the ponytail anymore, also know as the horse tail or whip. I think overall I had like 6-7 inches off. my head sure feels a lot lighter though. It feels nice.

so after the haircut I came back to the factory and helped also. On our way back home, we just bought KFC for dinner since it was too late to cook and my mom is eating at her friends house. After stuffing our faces with chicken, I visited again for about an hour and a half. Later called up munky and came over and chilled. Then we watched a movie. It was good.

so yeah. I think I'm done for this post. I think today I definitely feel better than yesterday. :] Today was nice.

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