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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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Yay. I actually had a REALLY good weekend. I think the best yet. So first, Friday. I was planning to just hang out with my cousin greta but we decided to go to the Homecoming game. At first I didn't want to go because I don't even like football to begin with. And plus our team last year sucked ass. So I didn't really wanna go but surprisingly this year, so far, our football team is undefeated. So we decided to check it out especially since I could get in for free. So yeah we went and it was kind of fun hanging out with friends and watching the game. We won the Homecoming game. :] I'm so proud of them for once. WE DON'T SUCK ANYMORE!! WHOO!! I had a good time.

Saturday: Homecoming Day [It's going to be long but I'll try to shorten it]

So Had to wake up early to drop my brother off at bowling. Couldn't sleep anymore so I just bugged my cousin the whole morning. Picked up my brother later. Around 2 my cousin came over and brought me some of her home made spaghetti [drool] its sooooo good. Waited for my sister to come back to do my hair and makeup for the dance. Took forever to do my hair because my hair is like to my butt already [I REALLY need that haircut]. Then I went to pick up my friend and helped her get ready a little. Then met up with the other limo people at my other friends house. It was SOOO hot in her house because she had like every single light on [dies]. But yeah, some people were running around outside though. Made me feel SOO mature. So after eating a little we took a bunch of pics by Lu's stairs. Limo arrived and we left. The limo was SOO packed. Even though the limo was HUGE, when you stuff 19 people into a limo like that, it gets bad. so I was sitting in the corner all uncofortable while the guys all dry humped each other to the radio. lol. boys. *sigh*

The dance was at the Jim Henson Sound Stage in Hollywood. When we arrived, there was like no one there. So we were the first ones on the dance floor. It was pretty empty. By the time everyone arrived, we were already getting our groove on. HAHA. it was SOO fun. much more fun than I really thought it would be. Danced with like everyone in our group [girls on girls, guys on guys, everything]. We were on the dance floor for the whole 4 hours. Made new friends, met up with old friends, danced with all friends. It was fun.

By the end of the night, the energy levels were sky rocketing, I could still last forever. But unfortunately, the dance had to end. BUT we did have a big finale with everyone screaming Kelly Clarkson's "Since you've been gone". I also found out I wasn't THAT crappy of a dancer. XD So we all went back into the limo and everyone died in their seat.

I'll have pictures up tomorrow since its taking forever to upload. :]

Sunday: The Afterparty

I wasn't even allowed to have a good night's sleep after HC. How sucky. Got woken up at 8:30 to go visit relatives that has passed away at Rose Hills Cemetery. Stayed there for a couple of hours singing Britney's "Gimme More" the whole time. It's a pretty fun song to sing. No wonder britney sang it. lmao. So yeah. after that, me and my sister went home and went our separate ways. Around 3-4pm I picked up my friends and went to Cue's again to take some pactures. Spent a couple of hours there. Went back to friends house and watched "the invisible". It's not that great of a movie. The ending sucked. So yeah. Imagine doing all this while sore from a HUGE dance the night before. lol. FUN!

So yeah. today did nothing really besides getting lectured about coming to class with food and how we are holding up the class blah blah blah. And this is from the teacher that talks like she knows what she's saying. Total BULL.

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