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Friday, October 19, 2007

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Name: Sara
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damn. forgot to visit the last time. I was really planning to visit but I had to go to my friends house. I forgot what we did but yeah. I'm sure it wasn't all that great. All we ever do is ask each other what we wanna do. haha. Most of the time we just kind of laze around her house. I WOULD visit at her house but it's almost as slow as dial up so I dare not test my limit. haha. so yeah. forgive me. I really need to start to get active again. GOMEN NASAI!

So anyways. lately school has been more boring by the day besides Art Honors and Graphic Design. All we've done in english is read indian stories [for some reason they only have the hardest names to pronounce] and other stories. It's a real bore. Too lazy to work in screenprinting. Just been lazing around class. I'm ahead of the majority of the class anyway. Been a bit lazy with my mural too. WHY DOES THE WALL HAVE TO BE SO FREAKIN BIG?! And it doesn't help that I'm the only one with real experience with painting landscapes..since I DID paint the original and all. Mandarin is probably the only exciting class because so many things happen. We were watching Shrek in mandarin. It is SO strange. Beyond strange. I spend most of my graphic design classes doing nothing. haha. I hate that the teacher pretends to sound like she knows what she's saying but she really has no idea what the hell she's saying. I think I have more experience with graphic design for her. I don't even know why she's a graphic design teacher. She sucks. She's horrible at explaining things and she's really obnoxious like a little kid. She laughs like a pig too. But whatever. I'm getting an A so thats all that matters. which reminds me. I finished a Sesshoumaru piece in Graphic Design using Adobe Illustrator. LINKAGE♥. You can just click on the link to visit it. :] I'm really proud of it. yaya.

K on Wednesday I was on my way to the public library and I got a freakin speeding ticket. =.= stupid cops. He was all cocky as if he was the shit. He was all like "Do you know the speed limit on Baldwin?" so I told him 40. He was all like "Sorry but it's not. It's 30 you know." FUCKTARD! [excuse my language] It is SOOOO not 30. There's no way in hell it's 30. Baldwin is a HUGE ass street. Huge ass streets like Baldwin are not 30mph. But lucky for me he was retarded enough to notice that I have not driven for a year yet and I had a minor sitting on the passenger side. [California law says you have to wait till you have driven 12 months + or 18yrs old to be able to drive a minor. I'm not 18 yet]. So I got my first ever speeding ticket...I also got a ticket for running a red. I sped to run the red cuz if I broke at that time, I would have stopped in the middle of the intersection. Lucky for me when I broke the news to my mom, she didn't get mad. But I only think she didn't get mad was because my dad walked in the room at that moment and said that it happened to everyone. So now I have to wait till a get a mail notice about the ticket...and go to traffic school. =.= I heard it was like drivers ed all over again. *sigh* how boring.

SO yeah. Saturday is Homecoming for us. I still need to get shoes to match the freakin dress. Did I mention, I HATE DANCES? well I do. But since I'm being forced, I kind of have no choice. But hopefully certain people will stop being so dramatic about everything. It's not like it's prom or anything. sheesh. and a certain someone is trying to scam me into paying more than needed for food that night. WEll she's not getting anything from me. BIATCH. greedy mother-effer. anyways. so far that's the only drama that's coming from this besides complaints because we couldn't get a strip bar in the limo...I swear. People.

Well anyways. I'll visit for sure this time. I'll even try to visit during graphic design. XDDD my friend plays FFR on the comp in class. It's pretty funny. well yar har peoples . jaaaaaa neeeeeee.

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anyone notice the new song? I LOVE this song. It's from FFR.

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