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Monday, October 15, 2007

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Name: Sara
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I never really realized how much I really did love senses fail's second album. *sigh* anyways. Can't get their freakin good songs out of my head all day...So. How's everyone. hope it's been alright without me. Sorry I haven't been on for like the past week. I've been seriously lazy and stuck on my lazy bunghole. All I've been doing was coming home from school and watching anime 24/7 or just chilling [aka napping] at my friends house. But I only do that to avoid my mom. She's been a but angry lately and I seriously hate being greeted by yells to clean this, clean that, or you're stupid and retarded. seriously. no one wants to return to that. But I'm just thinking it's the stress from work that's getting to her. she's a work-a-holic and there is seriously nothing we can do about it. But it's not as bad right now so yah.

so bummer about the wallpaper contest. No offense but I seriously thought the winner was gonna be someone else. Or at least a more amazing wallpaper [I've seen some pretty awesome entries]. But I guess It was all up to Adam to choose the one he liked the most. whatever. no bitterness from me. I already have a tablet. but it would've been nice to get a bigger one. mine's so small T.T

homecoming is coming up soon. next saturday. Ours is gonna be in some place in hollywood. But high school drama is seriously making me not want to go but I said I wouldn't back out already. Certain people just anger. but whatever. They can cry all they want, I'm not gonna let it get to me and there's no way in hell I'm gonna let some immature little girls bring me down. stupid drama. i swear. so annoying. but yeah. as soon as that's over the only other dance to worry about it prom. =.= oh joy. I can already see the drama.

hm...so yeah. halloween is also coming up. which reminds me...I still need to work onthat damned costume. #&*$^%#!!!!11!1!! I wish I could sleep the rest of the year away. maybe the bags will go away :[

dude I'm tired from just typing this LONG post. *pleh* I'll visit during class. :] probably after school too. I hope. haha. jaaa laters kiddies.

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I needa fart. lmao.

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