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Friday, September 28, 2007

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Name: Sara
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just a couple more days of the contest. you might have noticed that I now have two links for the voting links. I've submitted another one of my favorite wallpapers of all time. hopefully this one can make it. but fat chance. haha. but i like it more than the original that i submitted..so please vote! :]

well yesterday didn't go to school cuz I felt like crap. Woke up with a headache and I couldn't breath for some reason. felt like crap all around. it didn't help that I had allergies even in my sleep. *grumbles* I hate this.

so today went back to school feeling like crap but not as much as yesterday. class was once again a bore. worked a little more on my mural design and harassed a couple more people. :] had an awesome lunch. For graphic design class, we get to make a flyer/poster for any festival and I decided to do one for the tofu festival held in little tokyo over here in LA. XDD I have to say...Tofu characters are SOOOO cute. XDDD it was fun. haha.

so after school went to munky's place and stole her music and food. messed with her dog and stole her pudding pops. >DD KAHAHA!!! then went home and had a LOT of viet noodles. it was so goood. haha. almost got my hand chopped off with the food grinder in the sink [bastard brother *smacks*] so yeah. that's about it. wrote checks for my mom and blah blah. not much happened.

yesterday had to go to the police station for killing people in the streets.

lol. JK but I DID go to the police station with my sister. She was driving to school going past West Covina. I guess she didn't know she cut this guys off but the guys got UBER pissed and sped past my sister and cut her off. He then proceeded to flip the bird. They hit a red traffic light and he gets out of his car, kicks my sister's side view mirror and her rolled up window really hard. My sister took a picture of his license plate with her phone but it was REALLY blurry. she skipped her classes that day. she had to try really hard to pull her side view mirror back. i saw the marks. man...he kicked it HARD. what a jerkasaurus. Somebody's on crack. lol. so she came home and I helped her print out the picture. luckily when it's big you can see the license plate clearly. haha SUCKER! we got him. so i went with my sister. KAHAHAH!!!

so we got that taken care of. My older cousin then asked us out to lunch so we went over to her house and I was attacked by a HUGE pit bull. man..she was huge. she jumped on me and starting licking everywhere. lmao. man...I've never been tackled that hard by a dog. haha.

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so yah. don't forget to vote. ♥ yall.

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