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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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kehehe. five more days until the contest is over. so don't forget to vote. thanks you very much to hearts_mind for helping me out and advertising for me on her site. much love ♥ that's one of the nicest things someone's ever did for me on myotaku. ♥ you. so yeah the link is above. :] don't forget to also support sammy [sesslover18]. she's pretty bombin herself ;]

so this morning was a bore. didn't do much all day. just kind of lazed around in class. seriously...i really did nothing...pretty awesome. went to pavillions for lunch and got this HUGE bag of hot cheetos for only 2 buckos. i ♥ hot cheetos. i still have over half the bag uneaten in my car. kahaha. that'll last me while. imagine hot cheetos for breakfast too. XDDD YAY!!

so after school went to friends house and filled out the rest of the job applications. i really hope at least one place will take me...I REALLY don't want to go back to the photography place. =_= no thank you.

so today was supposedly the moon festival [it's still tuesday for me]. we were gonna go visit my great grandmother at the retirement place and eat moon cakes with her but my aunt didn't have enough time to make dinner AND visit her so we couldn't go. anyway...my dad had this whole table set up for some ritual thing that they do during moon festival and he found some raccoons snooping around trying to steal his peanuts. lmao. he tried to scare them away but it didn't work. they really wanted them. so he started throwing peanuts around the yard and i swear a whole entire family of raccoons popped out. it was so cute. imagine a whole bunch of raccoons in the middle of your yard eating peanuts. haha. so cute. after they were done, they climbed our tree and roamed around our roof. I saw this really small baby raccoon. it was cute. >.< kahhaa. i even took a video of it. but you can't even see it all too clearly.

so yeah. right now watching the first season of HEROES online but its taking SOOOO long to load. =.= GAH!!! I still need to finish the first season of prison break and start on the office. lol. damnit. not enough time. =_=

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btw. Where is yaoi con again??

KAHAHA my dad's still feeding the raccoon XDDD funny.

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