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Monday, September 24, 2007

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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Location:California, USA
Occupation: Lazy person
Hobbies: whatever makes me happy



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kahaha. i think i am actually updating on a normal basis. O_O NO WAY!!!! GASP! I'm pretty surprised myself...I mean right now I'm supposed to be typing two essays. lol. forget it. I'm not even gonna write it. screw that. senioritis to the end!! *pumps fist up*

haha so this morning woke up to go to art class again. didn't do anything productive besides redo the green background on my mural design...which is coming along very slowly...very slowly. yah. after i left more people tried to race me on the road. annoying as hell. reving is meant for ugly beat up cars. it makes it sound like your engine is about to die. they should just stop while they can. i should blast up my chinese music. that'll teach them a lesson...

right when i get home, i get yelled at. this is what i love to come home to. no greeting, just yelling. whooo. i totally feel the love. so all day i was being yelled at for no reason to clean up everything when i was already cleaning something. I swear, i hid in the bathroom a couple of times to avoid my mom. i hate sundays. so a couple of my aunts came over to eat and spent the rest of the day with us until dinner. overall a pretty crappy day, except for the hiding from mom. during those moments, i was so relieved.

so yeah. that was my wonderfully fun day. and once again. VOTE!! for my wallpaper. link is above. rabu rabu!! sorry i wasn't able to visit. i'll visit this time. :]

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