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Sunday, September 23, 2007

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man. so the first day of work came and went. woke up to bring my brother to bowling [i stopped going]. then i was gonna drop my cousin off at the mall cuz she wanted to visit me and walk around. but all of a sudden my aunt told me that they were gonna meet me there...so i couldn't bring my cousin. and seriously. it was so annoying. my mom kept nagging about everything. so when we got there, they told me they had a dress code...so i had to spend even more time with my mom looking for the right clothes to wear. but finally we got the clothes and i went to work and they finally left me alone. so anyway. i don't like the place. I was standing there for 5 hours getting rejected the whole time. I want a job where I'm actually doing something that isn't as painful as this. AND i was bored out of my mind.

as my mom said, for the meantime, keep this job. Until you can find another job, you'll stay here. so since i don;t like that job, i'm gonna go job hunting on monday with my friend who is also looking for a job. hopefully i'll get a job soon so i can quit the photography place. i hate it.

so after i left work at 5, i had to do a couple of things for my sister then left to go to a key club meeting even though i'm not even a member. lol. after the meeting, we all went ice skating at the rink. it was really fun having a lot of friends there. it was probably the funnest time i've ever had at the ice skating rink. Munky's sister fell so many times, it was hilarious. looked pretty painful though....she fell HARD every time. someone's gonna be sore tomorrow. haha. but then again, i think my feet will be pretty sore too...dang.

so yeah. I'm gonna be bugging about voting for my wallpaper on every post from now on. KAHAHAH!!! i'm not gonna stop until the contest is over >D kehehe. SO VOTE!!!! the link is up top. ;]

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