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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

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Name: Sara
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hey guys sorry for not updating as much. Lately Me and my sister have been getting into a "PrisonBreak" craze and all we've been doing all day is watching the second season of prison break. I'm a little past halfway done watching the season. Season premier was a couple of days ago but we missed it. but tonight is the america's next top model premier. I'm gonna try to catch that...if I remember. haha

so schools been alright. made a couple of new friends. Working on a mural design at school. The thing is..I want to do a mural on the school walls but it takes so long to finish it. For the design itself, its like 10% it's final size. I really want to leave my mark on the school but I'm like seriously getting lazy. I don't know if I can do it. I'll do my best.

so lunch is getting complicated [you're probably like 'wtf'] everyone wants to go off campus with me but my car only fits 4 other people including me. But it kind of sucks because I'm starting to get this feeling that they're only using me [except for the people I always take off even in junior year]. But we'll see. I can't wait till all of them get their license.

My aunt is getting me a job helping this one photography place but I don't want to do it since they need an asian girl who can speak chinese but I'm not fluent enough to be confident being able to pull it off. Yeah, i'm in mandarin class right now but my mandarin is not perfect at all. not even close. But my mom's been bugging me about a job SO FREAKIN MUCH. it's driving me crazy. I'm just gonna wait till I turn 18 to get a job. I don't care what my mom says....unless she says we're going bankcrupt. lol.

anyways. don't forget to vote for my wallpaper!!! thanks homies. lmao.

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