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Sunday, September 9, 2007

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yet another update. whoo~ LOL. so anyways. school was as boring as ever. Friday night after dinner, went over to my friends house and played with her doggy. :] I think her dog has a feet fetish. Every time I come over, the first thing her dog does is charge at my legs and starts licking my toes and legs. haha. It's kind of funny but weird.

so Saturday I went over to the same friends house again because we were gonna go take some pictures. But they lagged it a couple of hours because they weren't even ready to leave yet and they still didn't even eat lunch yet. =.= so we didn't leave till like 2:30-ish. Her mom dropped us off cuz I got too lazy to drive [^^"] so yeah. we got there and took a bunch of random pictures and decorated them [which took the longest]. It was pretty fun. i liked how the pictures came out. :] some of them were funny as hell. lol. so after we finished, we went back to my friends house and ate dinner there. i later dropped them off at my cousins house. I later confirmed that the police here are totally corrupt. I was making a left turn at a stop sign and a cop car almost hits me without stopping at the stop sign, speeding and revving his engine at me. I was beyond pissed off. The cop car didn't even slow down either. what a jackass. I swear cops here are so messed up. abusing their power. remember kids. COPs ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS!! oO

so this morning woke up to go to art class. After like a month of no art classes it felt so weird. lol. I got worse. =.= I couldn't even shade properly. so embarrassing. lol.

so that was my day so far. and don;t forget to vote for me for the wallpaper contest. You can vote daily. :] Oh yeah. I also uploaded it to theotaku so if you want to leave a comment or download it, it's in my portfolio. :]

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