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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

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well I was too tired last night to update so I'm just gonna update right now. :]

K so yesterday was finally the first day of school. The first day of actually being a senior for me. Yay. :] well turns out, nothing special. Feels the same just less time on campus. lol. so the morning started and we all had to come to school early because being the jerks they are, we don't find out what room your first period is in until the day of school. what.a.butt. so there's all these immature high schoolers just making so much NOISE. So yeah. went through my classes. First period is gonna be boring for the rest of the year because it just is. Second period is going to be fun sing I get to design AND create things in screen printing. :] My table mates are fooooony. Third period is gonna be alright. Art Honors was never THAT exciting... except the drawing part. Fourth was alright too. Even though I forgot almost all my mandarin [because I also took Japanese], I think I can still make it through.

Lucky I'm senior this year and we get to go off campus for lunch. yaya. so me and two other friends went to Jamba Juice but as usual, the line was unbalievably LONG. so we just went next door to Starbucks and bought some ice cold drinks. and of course, outside it was HOT AS HELL. literally. It was over 100 degrees at noon. It was like 106. what the hell. I swear it's like being in vagas all over again..but then again, it kind of IS like vegas. LA/arcadia IS in the middle of a desert area surrounded by mountain ranges. fun! anyways. we made it back and then I had Graphic Design 5th period. As usual, freakin MU [I call her Mu-ing] made us wait in the heat cuz she "forgot" to oopen the door. I had her for both freshmen and sophy year. ewww. and it doesn't help that she speaks broken english either. lol. so yeah. i guess once she's done teaching us the basics of adobe illustrator, we'll finally be able to actually MAKE something. my god. i swear that woman can talk up to forever. All of us were like falling asleep on her. what a bore. it's also annoying that she talks to us like a whole bunch of kindergarteners. biatch.

Since I'm taking a online writing course, I get sixth period off and off I went. lol. I went home to eat and yeah. Didn't do much the whole day except catch up on my reading in fanfics and visiting sites.

then of course as soon as my mom came home [late] she starting going psycho mom on us again about everything. so we ran. KAHAHA. we didn't even have dinner until like 8:30pm. dang.

so this morning I could barely get up...since during the summer, I was going to bed every night at like 2-3 am. lol. and of course, the sprinklers attacked my car [my poor baby] again! I couldn't even get in my car without getting wet. sheesh. I swear. I get the most car washes out of anyone else I know all because of those damn sprinklers. GAH!!! *starts attacking anything I see* anyway. so yeah.

got to class still mad about the sprinklers. but didn't even get anything done because that's what happens when you put me with munky. She got even less done than me. KAHAHA. sucker. But I'm glad that two of my best friends are in my class. I ♥ those two forever and ever. :] [shut up munky *slaps*]

screenprinting: started to design cover for folder.

art honors: picked old murals we wanted to paint over. I realized there are a lot of them that I don't really like.....

mandarin: realized all hope is lost for me in gaining all my mandarin back quick. I suck.

lunch: friends bday. went out to eat her cake [it was gooood]. they need to give us seniors more time at lunch....seriously.

graphic design: boring as hell. mu treating us as if we were the dumbest people on earth. almost fell asleep on her while learning adobe illustrater. illustrator sucks at text 100%.

went home but forgot that I lost my housekeys [i think I left it in my uncles car while in vegas] sio I just sat there and started to water my car down [it was so digusting. dirt/sawdust mixed with watermarks and tree crap] and wipe it down. It's shiny again...but not for long. =.= so sad. but for now. it looks semi clean. haha.

lucky my cousins school as a shortened day today so he got home and opened the door for me. I then took a nice cold shower and tada. Here I am sneezing my head off with a fan in front of me. I ♥ this.

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