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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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watup people. I'm finally back from Vegas. Well I got back earlier today but got too lazy to update. haha. Since I'll be talking about my trip, this post might become a little....LONG. just like almost all my posts. YAY♥ but first:

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K monday morning we headed out to Vegas but stopped by Blockbuster first. We rented 7 dvds. haha. One per day. XD The ride there wasn't too bad except the part where my cousin's body body kept digging into me. I swear that girl needs to gain some weight. She's like a skeleton. It's funny cuz it's not like she doesn't eat. I just talked to the family for like the first hour then fell asleep for about another 2 hours. Woke back up when my aunt started talking really loud like her usual self. lol. So when we got to Vegas we got lost because the dumb navigation system was outdated and didn't have the address that we entered. It wasn't our car so we couldn't really do anything about it. It was my uncle's car. So I had to call my sister and ask her if she could go to mapquest to get us some directions. She couldn't come because she had school starting that day. So we finally got there and it was pretty nice. I actually thought we were starting at a regular hotel but instead we stayed at a suite resort. O.O I was all like DAMN. The only thing I didn't really like was that the building was PINK. oO ew [no offense to people who actually likes pink]. We decided to just chilll in the room for the rest of the night. There were two bedrooms inside the suite with a kitchen, dining area and a living room. It was also located like a block away from the strip so it was pretty good. My other cousin and I called the Bed in the biggest room. XDDD hells yeah. Then my brother and my other little cousin slept on the air bed in our room. we had a tv in every room but the dvd player was only in the living room. damn. anyways, my mom, my aunt and her daughter slept in the other smaller room while my dad called the sofa. lol. my dads weird. He likes to sleep on sofas.

I can't remember tuesday or wednesday or even thursday all that much. That's what happens to you when you have bed memory like I do. lol. I think it was either wednesday or thursday when my mom dragged us to a fashion mall which was totally not my thing because usually they only have the kinds of stores that I wouldn't even look at. I tried to look for my kind of stores but nothing. The only thing interesting was gamestop, borders, and the apple store. We walked into the apple store and it was PACKED. a little beyond packed but yeah. as soon as we walked in, we walked out. I gave up. ^^" I only wanted to go in there because I wanted to play with the macbook Pro. I love it. I'm gonna get one when I graduate as a present. yaya. so i went to gamestop and just cuz I didn't have my ID on me, they wouldn't let me buy a rated M game. CMON! over here it doesn't matter what age [kind of] they'll sell it to you if you have the money. so the cashier only let me buy cooking mama for my DS lite. what a butt. then we walked to borders and just stood there reading manga. lol. I bought the 6th and 7th volumes of Tenshi Ja Nai.

I think it was Tuesday when we went to circus circus. We won a whole bunch of teddy bears. lol. It's cuz we were skilled like that. KAHAHA! >.< we also did this HUGE camel race thing and of course being as skilled as I am, I OWNED them. lol. I got this HUGE bear that came with two little baby teddybears. it was cute.

Friday night my mom and my aunt went to the celine dion concert. Like always the rest of us stayed inthe hotel playing games and watching movies in the AC.earlier that day, we went back to circus circus. My aunt tried to win the ipod shuffle AGAIN after seeing my brother get it. It was one of those machines where you had to stack block lights to the top without missing. The other time we went, my brother won the shuffle with just his first try. he got a ipod shuffle for 50 cents. How awesome is that.and btw. my aunt was never able to get that ipod shuffle...even I tried.

I swear. LV is SOO HOT. even late at night like 10-ish, its still at least 85 degrees outside. it was hell. One night we "attempted" to watch the show in front of the Treasure ISland hotel and it was absolutely impossible. The whole entire sidewalk is so packed that not even a little kid couldn't squeeze they're way through. sheesh. so being the big person I am, I was stuck in there with sweaty smelly people that are towering over me. the temperature literally raised. If it was winter it would have been fine. But when It's like 95 outside AND you're stuck in a crowd of probably almost a hundred packed onto a corner of a sidewalk, it's like suicide. and of course it didn't help that 1) I am a short 5'3" girl surrounded by giant people, 2) Everyone smelled like crap, and 3) I was standing in front of a line of huge wooden poles unable to move or jump to see the show. It was just bad luck man. when the show was almost over I could feel my sweat sliding down my face and it sucked that I couldn't even lift up my arm to wipe it off. so when the show was finally over I could finally move my limbs. when we went back into our room, I swear, I was in heaven. My mom put the AC to 65 and wow. It felt amazing. I was in love. And THAT is why I ♥♥♥♥♥ the winter.

Saturday morning we got ready and drove to Laughlin Arizona for a whole weekend of water sports. My family loves the water....except for my cousin who had no male privates cuz he's a little sissy boy. literally...he is. such a shame. but it sucked even more for me, since the day before THAT time of the month came. =.= i swear. I have the worst luck EVER. so when we arrived, all I could do was sit there and play my cooking mama. *sigh* but later my mom convinced me to go jet skiing with my uncle truc [trook] since she just finished a ride with him and she didn't fall. So he gave me a ride. After almost flying off like a bajillion times, we saw my uncle derek, which is REALLY bad if you were inmy situation. So being the monsters they were, they started racing with the jet skiis with pasengers in them. so i was hanging on the the strap on the jet skii for dear life. My whole weekend depended onme not falling into the water. seriously. we were going so fast, we were going faster than the speed boats. I was seriously going to beat my uncle up for making me stress so much. oO so finally they stopped racing and we headed back to the house. my uncle being the butt he is, started to mess around and BAM, the jet skii flips over. I hate life. So as soon as I got back to shore, I ran into the bathroom. and yeah. my dad drove me back to the other house on the other side of the river. I took a shower then ate dinner. Since the house we were originally supposed to stay in was WAY [I really mean WAY] too crowded for anyone else to be able to sleep there, I went back to my uncle truc's place to sleep over the night. It was pretty cook though. I ♥ my uncle truc...except when he squeezes my arms and pulls/pinches my ear lobes. He has this weird thing with that.so I got my own aerobed all to myself. hells yes.

So the next morning, it was to noisy early inthe morning so i was kind of forced to wake up at 7 in the morning. =.= shoot me!!! but the good thing was that I got to see my freakin cute cousin. I have way too many of these. haha. I ♥ my family. Too many cute kids. So after we all ate, we went to the beachy area and we made all these sandcastles, sand feet, sand squids and dug up giant holes to throw little kids into. XDD haha. that was fun. :] they liked it too so why not. KAHAHHA!! i went in the water only kneee high and jumped onto the boat a couple of times. I really love how on my uncle trucs side of the family, they all truly love the water, especially the kids. They would like run in there without lifejackets and stuff. then you would see their moms chasing them around trying to get a life jacket on them. haha. its really funny. so later we went around for boat rides. I swear. my uncle derek is so young at heart. He's cool

the bad thing was that my sisters boyfriend was walking around the rocky areas in the water without shoes and slipped. He got these HUGE cuts on his feet and had to go to the hospital to get stitches. man. I felt so bad for him. Poor guy. so later when we went back to the other side, i saw him and he was just lying on the sofa being pampered by my sister. lol. he was all sitting there with his mouth open while my sister was feeding him ice cream. lol. what a spoiled bunghole. but he can't walk and they didn't even tell him what he needed to do or even prescribe him some medicine. sheesh. Luckily my aunt jenny is a doctor and told him some stuff but she couldn't give him anything since she wasn't his doctor. damn. So my dad decided that we would stay the night so albert could rest. and of course i went back to my uncle truc's side to sleep. We stayed up all night watching Wild N' Out on MTV. lol. but I fell asleep and yeah. kind of knocked out on the bed. lol.

so the next morning woke up freakin early again because uncle derek wanted to go wake boarding AGAIN. He's been doing this every morning every day he was there. He's not young either. lol. He's like in his late 40's I think. his wife also looks REALLY young even though she's like the same age as him. She's really pretty too. damn. so we got a ride back to where my mom was staying and got everything strapped up to the car and made sure no one forgot anything. my sister left at 7 in the morning. I've never seen her wake up that early. lmao. NEVER.

the ride back wasn't that bad either. except my mom stole my cushy super soft pillow and slept on it. So i was forced to use my cousins teddy bears as a pillow. I had like ten of them as pillows. I woke up again with a stiff neck. =.= damn. so when we made a pit stop to use the bathroom, i stole it back. KAHAHHAHAHA!!! but it was FREAKING hot in the car while I waited. Outside was like 108 or something like that. I hate being in the middle of the desert. D< damn this weather!!! The bad thing is that when we got back to arcadia, it was just as hot as vegas. It was like 110 when we got back. T.T The summer hates me just as much as I hate it. so sad. Luckily my mom stole some Monsters from the beach house and kept it in the cooler. It was gone just like that.

so when we got home, all of a sudden my mom went all psycho mom again with the unpacking and putting away the food. She was literally yelling and screaming at us for no reason. And every time you try to help, she yells at you for doing it wrong. and when you stop for a little bit she starts yelling about how no one is helping her and she's doing it all by herself. This is the time when we run into our rooms and hide. lol. literally.

Ok so tomorrow is school for me [or today. W/E TUESDAY Psh.] can't wait. I'm officially a SENIOR!!! Hells yes. Oh yeah. last time someone got confused about what year I am in . I'm a senior. I was just at the Freshmen orientation because I was part of the Big Brother/Big Sister program where you help the freshmen get used to high school and all that crap. :]

damn. This is byfar the longest post I've EVER written. I'm so good. hahah.



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