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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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well it's been a while since the last update. so last Friday I had to go to a meeting/rehearsal for our school's big brother/big sister program. We basically show the freshmen around school and answer any unanswered questions they have for us about the school or just the overall experience. We did a mock tour in the blistering sun. It was torture.

Saturday: I wouldn't fall asleep for some reason so I was up all night [or morning]. My cousin couldn't sleep either so we both just went to Starbucks and got drinks. We got there [volunteer for basketball tournament] and like always there were the bossy bitches who did nothing but order people around. but all was good since we were in charge of one of the easiest jobs, selling raffle tickets and food/water. It was probably the hottest day of the week so far. I swear, it was only 11:30 but it felt like it was 4PM already. HOT! once the tournament got going, everyone started crowding around the water. It got to the point where we actually ran out of bottled water. =_= that's how hot it really was. so we had to go buy more water and ice TWICE with our own money. later on, a fight almost broke out between these two basketball teams. pretty crazy out there. but after the tournament, we had a fist numbing contest with the left over players. and of course the president of the club had to be a part of it. She lasted pretty long but she had to leave for a wedding since her ride was bugging her to leave. poor girl. I think she had a chance at winning. *nods* but the last three guys decided to just split the money won. It was cool. got home and fell asleep on my bed from exhaustion and lack of sleep. that night, sleep was good.

sunday, stayed home. Can't remember what we did. All i know was that, it was a pretty chill day. I liked it.

Monday. the day of freshmen orientation. whoo. We got these green shirts. Not too shabby. but yeah. I got one of the most boring groups ever. most of them were so shy. but there were some girls that were pretty talkative. that's good. that day was pretty hot too though. but definitely not as hot as saturday. =_= that would've been hell. we got free popsicles though. YAY! then later went to target. :]

so tuesday was my registration day for school. the day was pretty hot. I had to first go with my little cousin to his registration day first so yeah. I felt so old at the middle school. but there was this one eigth grader that was like two feet taller than me. my god. how the hell do these kids become that tall?! kerazy. so i finally went to mine. I hate the picture on my ID card but w/e. So i got my schedule and I hate it. I didn't get my cooking class and instead got Graphic Design. It's not the graphic design that i hate but the teacher. I had her for animation and ARGH. i hate her. so annoying. :[ I really don't want her, but i can't change it. You're not allowed to change the teachers because it's personal. =_= damn. But the good thing is that this year, I don't need ANY textbooks AT ALL. O.O YAY! no textbooks to break my arms with. bet you're jealous huh? KAHAHAAAHH!!

ok so this morning went to the dentist and got all my wisdom teeth removed. I'm glad they're gone but i hate taking medication. I NEVER take medication. But it's really gonna hurt since my top ones are the most painful ones. I even got antibiotics and painkillers for them. *sigh* what a butt. so i have to wait hours before I can even eat soft foods. My mom made me and my sister some porridge so it's all good. I actually like my mom's porridge. It's SOO good. A few more hours to go before I can eat. WHOO! fun♥

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