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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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Name: Sara
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I forgot to mention in the last post. On Friday, my car decided to die on me. =.= so we had to just wait for almost an hour just so someone can pick us up and bring us home. *sigh* So we got home and my sisters boyfriend helped jump my car, but as i was driving home, it started to go all psycho on me. When I wasn't in motion, the car would jump on and off for like a second. It was pretty scary. So I made it home and turned off the car but then it wouldn't turn on anymore. Lucky for me, my dad used to be a car mechanic. he said that the cells were dead in my batteries. :[ dang. So I wasn't able to go ANYWHERE myself. *sigh* fun fun.

anyways yesterday wasn't so bad. My mom made me go down to her workshop again to teach her how to burn and other music related stuff. It was SOO boring. so she finally let me go around 4-ish and i was STARVING. I haven't even gotten lunch nor breakfast yet. T.T so I drove ALL the way back home to eat. *sigh* my poor tummy. later that night we went to the gym again. I was so freakin tired. >_< but these freakin horndogs kept looking at my sisters ass when she was doing her crunches. so I had to stand in front of her so the desperate guys would stop looking. seriously...they need a girlfriend. lol. But there was this one REALLY hot girl. I felt so bad for her because this short little mexican guy kept hitting on her while she was waiting for the machine we were on. poor girl.

well that's about it. Look guys. I'm starting to get this updating thing back on. YEAH. Man...I'm good. XDDD

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